18" x 24" poster

by ノric L Farrell

·18x24 inch single-sided print
·Glossy finish and protective coating
·Precise cut for standard frame size
·Ships quickly and safely in a sturdy protective tube
·Printed in the USA


Affordable 18" x 24" frames are available on store shelves at Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and other stores. This high quality print is also suitable for custom framing or hanging without any frame.

The "ONE BARBER" poem by Def Poetry Jam winner ノric L Farrell features artwork by Darrick Claiborne, and highlights what barbers do for the community aside from just cutting hair. Many barbers claim it as their anthem.

ONE BARBER is a trademark owned by ノric L Farrell. The poem and poster are copyrighted.

Customer Reviews

"I am a very big fan of yours. I met you in VA. I live in DC. I can't get to most of your events, but I try. I read your poem about the barbers at the barbershop almost everyday. I have just about all of your books, but I want them all. My husband's barber has your poem on the wall at CUTS and STUFF in DC."

-Maxine Williams
(Washington, DC)

"I just want to let you know how I am really impressed and inspired by how you are letting your gift be a blessing to others. The "ONE BARBER" poster has blown my clients away because it hits it on the head. Keep doing your thing because can't nobody beat you being you." Trust in the LORD with all your heart ... and he will direct your path."
May the favor of God be upon your life."

-Bro Flowers / Cornerstone Cutz and Stylez
(Petersburg, VA)

"thanks for ur encouragement!"

Martin Gonzalez
(Los Angeles, CA)